Web design trends to watch in 2018

Front-End Developer

2018 will be full of new experiments with colors,typography,images and many more. Designers are going to play with their ideas.

1. Shadows and depth: In 2018, there will be more use of shadows to create depth and the illusion of a world beyond the screen. This is a direct reaction to the flat design trend that was popular in years past. For reference: https://clearbit.com/

2. Vibrant and saturated color schemes:  2018 is definitely the year for super excess colors. It is also perfect for brands who want to set themselves apart from the traditional color schemes.


3.Particle backgrounds and motion graphics: The use of particle backgrounds and motion graphics is higher than before. They are becoming more popular as they are the great solution to performance issues website with video background.

4. Mobile first: Mobile browsing has now officially surpassed desktop. Almost everyone these days shops and orders on their smartphone. So while designing a website, designers should keep mobile first design in mind.

5. Custom illustration: After years dominated by flat design and minimalism, now its time to put some illustrated graphics into the web to give a charismatic look.


6. Big and bold typography:  Typography has always been a powerful visual tool. The trend of large letters helps to improve UX and keep the visitor reading your website. This works best when the rest of the page is kept minimal and clean.

7. Asymmetric and broken grid layouts:  Asymmetrical and unconventional ‘broken’ layouts, and this web trend will still be going strong in 2018. The asymmetric layouts give a new, unique visual experience to users.

8. Dynamic gradients: Gradients are making a big comeback in 2018.The two-tone effect looks fresh and modern when used properly.

9. Ultra minimalism: Displaying just the absolute bare necessities.
For reference: http://www.mathieuboulet.com/