Mobile App? Does my business need one?

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Mobile App? Does my business need one?


With more than 62% of the total population owning some kind of mobile device its a huge audience to miss on. More and more people rely on mobile device helping in some kind of situation. People now prefer to use mobile device to do daily task like ordering food, booking ticket and many more.

People spend more time on their mobile phone than they used to. In past three years, the time spent on mobile device per days has increased by 575%. Also 80% of the time spent during the mobile device usage are on using some kind of mobile apps. So, it is safe to say that if you don't have mobile app you are missing on a huge amount of potential user base.

Having a mobile app also help in a business branding. People tend to have a good impression if a business have a mobile application. Mobile app helps to reinforce the brand as a whole. It creates some exposure for a business and easy accessibility. With proper usage of mobile application a business can have a way for it user base to access information .

Proper usage of mobile app leads to a great marketing opportunity. For e.g 5% of people read a promotional email whereas more than 90% are likely to read push notification. And with purchasing options from the app itself a well refined app can be a boost of a business.

So having a mobile application will help you reach a huge audience network? Also help in business branding, visibility and more user interaction? Makes more revenue of business with in-app purchase? So let's begin creating a mobile application, right?

Since a mobile application has many positive aspect, business tend to rush it. Often times such app have a bad user experience. This cause a negative impression on the user and hurt the business itself. In general context the first 5 min of usage determine whether a user will keep or uninstall the app. About 30% of a user are likely to have a negative view on the business based on the mobile application usability. Also 40% of the user are less likely to recommend the product or service due to the poor user experience in app.

In conclusion, mobile application are great if you designed with care. It's better to not have a mobile application then to have one with bad user experience and design. So, just having a mobile application is not enough. Make your application with good user experience to get the most out of it.

- Aatish Sai


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